SlideShareThese are SlideShare accounts that center around health communication, public health and/or social media.

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  2. Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  4. Chicago American Marketing Association
  5. Chicago Department of Public Health
  6. GSW Worldwide
  7. Games for Health Project
  8. Health Advocate
  9. Health Data Consortium
  10. Health Communication Capacity Collaborative
  11. Hub Spot, Inbound Marketing Software
  12. Jamie Turner, Founder at 60SecondMarketer
  13. Jefferson County Public Health
  14. Jim Garrow
  15. Kathleen Hoffman, PhD, MPH
  16. Kevin Klausen, Director & Associate Professor, Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research, Nova Scotia University
  17. Lee Aase, Director, Center for Social Media at Mayo Clinic
  18. National Coordinating Center for Public Health Services & Systems Research
  19. Rock Health
  20. Radian6
  21. Simply Measured, Social Media Analytics Software
  22. University of New Hampshire Health Services