The mission of this site is to curate reliable health communication resources into one place. This site is work-in-progress with some observations in health communication based on my first-hand experiences.  Visit Health Communication Links and Health Communication in Social Media.

The intended audience is anyone who practices health communication, marketing, public relations and/or promotions in public health, government, nonprofits, academia or healthcare in general. Some people in the general public may find this useful since their perspective is valuable in how they perceive our methods.

You can read my background on LinkedIn.

Dr. Martin Luther King stated, “Everyone can be great because anyone can serve.”

Here are some links to help those around Chicago and beyond to volunteer:

One Good Deed Chicago
Chicago Cares
Chicago Health Corps
Serve Illinois
Volunteer Match
Corporation for National and Community Service
Hands On Network

Finally, please feel free to send me recommendations, links, ideas, etc. Basically, share. It’s how we learn. It’s how we get better.



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