office meetingListed are associations that offer membership concentration in or around the field of health communication.

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Note: The listed associations are not meant to be interpreted as any kind of endorsement. No payments, favors or any other arrangements were made to be listed here.

  1. American Academy on Communication in Healthcare
  2. American Medical Writers Association
  3. American Public Health Association – Health Communication Working Group
  4. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication – Communicating Science, Health, Environment and Risk Division
  5. Association of Health Care Journalists
  6. Central States Communication Association – Health Communication Interest Group
  7. Directors of Health Promotion and Education
  8. Eastern Communication Association – Health Communication Interest Group
  9. Health and Science Communications Association
  10. International Communication Association – Health Communication Division
  11. National Communication Association – Health Communication Division
  12. National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare
  13. National Public Health Information Coalition
  14. New England Society for Healthcare Communications
  15. Public Relations Society of America – Health Academy
  16. Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development
  17. Society for Health Communication
  18. Western States Communication Association – Health Communication Interest Group