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Official Twitter IconThese are the liveliest Twitter Chats centered around healthcare, communication, and/or public health.

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Before getting started with the list of chats, a great site to register and discover health related hashtags is symplur‘s Healthcare Hashtag Project with the goal:

“to make the use of healthcare social media and Twitter more accessible for the healthcare community as a whole. By lowering the learning curve of Twitter with a database of relevant hashtags to follow, we hope to help new and existing users alike to find the conversations that are of interest and importance.”

Note: The listed Twitter Chats are not meant to be interpreted as any kind of endorsement. No payments, favors or any other arrangements were made to be listed here.

Health Departments on Twitter – Curated List by the American Public Health Association @PublicHealth

Health Departments on Twitter – Curated List by Jenine K. Harris @jenineharris

#CPHC – Car Pool Health Chat provides a 24/7 conversation around healthcare. As per their website, it’s “a community for everyone to share the same table- physicians, patients, caregivers, system leaders, other healthcare providers, advocates, specialists, payors, solutions and anyone who wants a voice in the future of healthcare.” Chats are held every Tuesday at 1PM ET. Visit CarPool Health for more information.

#GreatChallenges – Google Hangouts centered around 20 Great Challenges in Health and Medicine hosted by @TedMed and moderated by @JohnNosta, etc. Visit TedMed Great Challenges for more information.

#hchlitss – Health Communication Health Literacy Social Sciences chat that discuss several topics centered around communicating health and is co-hosted by @drkdhoffman and @rv_rikard every Thursday at 8PM ET.  For more information visit their blog for transcripts and more info.

#hcsm – Healthcare Communications and Social Media is hosted by @HealthSocMed and moderated by @danamlewis every Sunday at 8PM CT.  For more information visit HealthSocMed.

#NPINchat – National Provider Information Network from the CDC that connects HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention Partners and is hosted by @CDCNPIN every 3rd Thursday each month at 2PM ET. Visit CDC NPIN for more information.

#PubHT – Public Health Talks is a chat held for public health professionals hosted by @PubHealthTalks every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 9PM ET.  Visit Public Health Talks for more information.

#SM4PH – Social Media for Public Health is a shared hashtag between @CDCNPIN‘s Webcast Series “In The Know- Social Media For Public Health@phsocmed and moderated by @jgarrow and @PHMCtweets discussing everything in public health for social media.