word press logoThese blogs center around different aspects of health communication.  They cover a wide variety of health communication topics like emergency management, health literacy, social media, etc.

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  1. CDC Blogs
  2. CommunicateHealth – CommunicateHealth, Inc.
  3. Communication4Health – 2013 class of HSCI 825, Advocacy and Communication at Simon Fraser University
  4. The Digital PIO – Greg Licamele
  5. Social and Digital Innovations for Health Communications – UC Berkeley School of Public Health
  6. Dose of Digital – Bill Evans
  7. Engaging the Patient – Emmi Solutions
  8. The Face of the Matter – Jim Garrow
  9. Health and Communications – Rick Lesaar
  10. Health Communications and Health Advocacy – Kathleen Hoffman, PhD
  11. Health Communication Research – Michael Mackert, PhD
  12. HealthComU – BU Health Communication Alumni
  13. Health-E Minds – Ketchum Global Healthcare Practice
  14. Healthcare Marketing + Communications – Nicola Ziady
  15. I Am A #Health Communications Enthusiast! – Mary-Sanyu Osire
  16. Innovations in Health Communications – University of California, Berkeley
  17. Lisa Gualtieri, PhD, ScM
  18. Mind the Gap Patient Physician Communication – Stephen Wilkins, MPH
  19. Pop Health – Leah Roman, MPH
  20. Public Health Science Communication 2.0 – Nina Bjerglund, MSc
  21. Pulse + Signal – Andre Blackman
  22. Social and Digital Innovations for Health Communications – UC Berkeley School of Public Health
  23. Social Health Institute – Reed T Smith, MBA
  24. Social Marketing exCHANGE – Ogilvy Public Relations
  25. Spare Change – Nedra Weinreich, MS
  26. STweM – Andrew Spong, PhD
  27. Surround Health
  28. Symplur – Symplur, LLC
  29. Unnatural Language Processing – Kevin A. Clauson, PharmD
  30. Upstream – UNC Chapel Hill’s Interdisciplinary Health Communication
  31. Why Health Communication Matters – Roxanne Parrot, PhD