These businesses specialize in communications, public relations, marketing and advertising or have expertise in health communication.

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Note: The listed businesses are not meant to be interpreted as any kind of endorsement. No payments, favors or any other arrangements were made to be listed here.

  1. Abt Associates – Cambridge, MA
  2. BioScience Communications (Edelman) – New York, NY
  3. Chemonics – Washington, DC
  4. Communicate Health – Northhampton, MA
  5. Discovery Chicago, Chicago, IL
  6. Edelman Health – Chicago, IL
  7. Emmi Solutions – Chicago, IL
  8. Firebone – Chicago, IL
  9. ICF International, Inc – Fairfax, VA
  10. Information Ventures, Inc – Philadelphia, PA
  11. inVentiv Health, Burlington, MA
  12. JPA Health Communications, Washington, DC
  13. John Snow, Inc – Boston, MA
  14. KC Health – New York, NY
  15. Klein Buendel, Inc, Golden, CO
  16. Levick – DC & New York, NY
  17. OZ Systems, Arlington, TX
  18. Porter Novelli – New York, NY
  19. Roman Public Health Consulting, LLC – Philadelphia, PA
  20. Weinreich Communications – Los Angeles, CA