Does Technology Really Widen the Gap Between Minorities, Poor and the Disadvantaged?

I saw this comment posted last week on a federal government health office group page in response to their announcement of their new app, the use of technology and the release of open data and big data on their website: … Continue reading

Poll: Which Social Media Channel Do Public Health Pros Personally Use The Most?

I just completed abstract reviews for the Health Administration Section of the American Public Health Association for their upcoming Annual Meeting.  The abstracts submitted will be presented in a session topic titled “Using Media and Social Networking Effectively In Public Health … Continue reading

Skewed Diets: Red v. Blue States

Hunch is a very interesting website that created a proprietary platform called “Taste Graph” that has you answer several different questions from different categories and uses a predictive model to analyze your tastes. See their infographic for more details on … Continue reading