Poll: Which Social Media Channel Do Public Health Pros Personally Use The Most?

social media, word cloudI just completed abstract reviews for the Health Administration Section of the American Public Health Association for their upcoming Annual Meeting.  The abstracts submitted will be presented in a session topic titled “Using Media and Social Networking Effectively In Public Health Settings.”

I read some great submissions and these abstracts got me thinking of how public health professionals personally use social media instead of how the public uses it (and there are a lot of studies available for that like from Pew).

We’re always studying where our audiences resides online so that we can better deliver our messages and engage with the people we are trying to reach.  We should also be reaching out to our knowledge, thought, and opinion leaders in public health too.  They are important stakeholders in the communities we try to reach and are instrumental in spreading our messages.

In that spirit, I’ve created this informal poll and would like as many public health professionals to vote and share it with others (see poll in the right side bar). Tell me the one channel you use the most, whether it is to catch up on public health news, engage with colleagues, share information, learn new ideas, etc.

Please share this public link to the poll with your colleagues:  http://bit.ly/PublicHealthSocialMediaPoll



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